Since the abandonment of the usual focused ‘Development Plans’ and probably the overthrow of the Gowon Regime, our country, the renowned giant of Africa, has been on a steady decline. This decline has become rapid in the past 16 years, so much more rapid towards what looks like total collapse in the past 6 years. Never before have we witnessed such in the history of this great nation. The cost of living for the common man has become ridiculously high as our country is knee deep in a food crisis, untouchable galloping inflation, enthronement of nepotism and corrupt practices and its sad relegation into what appears to be the ‘League Conference’ ie a ‘Non-League’ setting of countries known and referred to as ‘Failed Nations’. Access to basic needs ranging from food, healthy water, legitimate expectations for young people and the populace to healthcare has been significantly impeded and even obliterated by ineptitude, cronyism, ‘chop-chop’ syndrome. We have lost sight of the goal. A goal that should be the constant progression of our economy, moral standards and ultimately our country. A goal that should be the creation of a Nigeria that is habitable for every Nigerian regardless of tribe, religion and state of origin where the Social Objectives stated as POLICY in the Constitution are held sacrosanct. The creation of a Nigeria where the average Nigerian has access to food, water, electricity, healthcare, education, transport, internet coverage, good roads, security, legitimate expectation that he will get just rewards for his brilliant efforts amongst others. The creation of a Nigeria that is free from abject poverty, a Nation that is free from crude tribalism, religious discrimination and FRAUD based on exploitation of their ‘religiousness’ by FAKE and self-anointed Pastors, Mallams and Religious Gurus who remain aided by the unwillingness of the Nigerian Governments to protect its citizens from exploitation by itself and other non-State Actors and their co-Agents. Sadly, our Nation has, over the years, descended into abject incompetent leadership. It is a thing of sorrow when we think of the countless lives lost to insecurity in the country. The citizens of our great country deserve to live without fear of religious attacks, robberies, kidnappings, suicide bombings and other gruesome killings without being able to defend themselves, or look to the Governments (State, Local Government Authorities and the Federal Government). The governments continue to play blind and deaf to the struggles and pleas of the citizens. The priority of those governments has become the dogged pursuit of continuous denial of basic human rights and free speech of its citizens, the perpetuation of corrupt, incompetent, inept members of their parties in power rather than proffering and actively taking steps to better the economies and living conditions of the good people of our country. We are at an all-time low, a new low that is nothing short of undeserved. Make no mistake though. We do not see a better future in the Oppositions and their members. They did what the present governments are doing and much more. Who among them has not been in ‘the other party’ before?

The Political Class i.e ‘the Government’ at any point in time, is the real bane of our Progress. They are all a colossal failure and ought to be rapidly replaced in a FREE AND FORD ELECTION by a FULLY BRAND-NEW leadership. We note with utter disdain how the political class cross carpets for nothing other than opportunities to pillage our resources. Who is in APC that has not been in PDP or another party which has ruled at a State or Local Government Area? Is there any Tier of our Government that has not been rotten and run with corruption or Nepotism? So, who in PDP, APC is better than the other?

We are not a political group. We are a Brotherhood. We have very strong and committed members from each of the political parties but we enjoin the Nigerian people to save the country by themselves; we enjoin the competent Bystanders and the vibrant young people whose future is being destroyed, to rise up, take over the existing parties or form new ones to start our rapid return to greatness and Nationhood.

Despite these hard times and harsh living conditions, we as citizens, must not lose hope. We must be dauntless in the face of the anarchy and doom that is looming. We must remain steadfast in the face of this dictatorship of the present Political Class that we currently find ourselves in. Whatever medium we have left in our arsenal must be continually utilized in the speaking out against the bad leadership, insecurity, the harsh living conditions and the regrettable lack of a clear viable alternative to our present terrible state of the Nation which we are subjected to in our country. In the midst of the darkness, let our voices and pleas be the source of light. We speak. Good Nigerians should STOP, THINK, ACT. Act by taking over these incompetent and heartless political parties and ensure that True Democracy is implemented and Round Pegs are inserted into Round Holes. We can do it. We can formulate good policies and ideologies which are beneficial to our Nation and its citizens; We can flood the major parties and take them over and then compete in good faith and enthrone TRUE DEMOCRACY. We can do it. We should do it. The Masses and Youth should mobilise and move the country forward. BAN/BC is ready to be involved in this fight. We simply do not see any productive future in this recycled political class who ruined this country with everything bad and their inordinate ambitions.

We implore Nigerians to be calm, democratic and law abiding. They should be vigilant and reject every attempt by the political Class to bribe them with the usual packets. We implore them to massively register to vote and to always exercise their civic duties intelligently for the benefit of the nation. We implore them to speak up and out at all times against the things that pull us down as a nation and, most importantly, to learn to love one another. That is the principle that we, as Buccaneers, live by at all times. LOVE THY BRODA. We are happy to show the focused, responsible Nigerians this way of life as we are confident that if most Nigerians live by our Creed, the country will be on top in no time.

Brothers Across Nigeria/Buccaneers Confraternity, since its inception in 1972 has been a purely humanitarian organization dedicated to speaking out and fighting against societal ills. As stated in our previous press release by one of our past presidents Barrister Femi Osibanjo, we are a private membership only Association of men fully committed to our humanitarian causes, to building men with confidence, brains and absolute commitment to each other’s welfare and to the betterment of our society. From visits to orphanages all around Nigeria, to our charity sponsorship of marathons held by the British Heart Foundation, Diabetes UK, to awarding of scholarships in the United States of America, our various humanitarian endeavours speak volumes and breathe truth to our mission and what we stand for. Our mission is to positively influence our society to bring about optimal societal conditions at the same time moulding men with the finest of characters and conduct. Our members spread across all tribes and tongues without any form of discrimination or bias and, they are always eager to key into our mission.

Because of the success of our Philosophies amongst responsible Nigerian males across the Globe, this Brotherhood has become the most sought-after Association of men which every promising man wants to belong to. We are glad. It is a Brotherhood for ensuring that we have men of spirit, of will, of muscle, brains and power who are fit to cope with anything in our fledging nation and this treacherous world. We do not welcome drop-outs, delinquents or those who have no verifiable means of profitable livelihood or who do not demonstrate that they are likely to progress healthily to success and responsible status in future. For these reasons, we have become an attractive Brand, which always suffers the danger of Counterfeiting. So, we now have different FAKE groups of people fooling innocent and eager people by referring to themselves as Buccaneers and members of Brodas Across Nigeria. DO NOT JOIN THEM. DO NOT PAY ANYBODY ANY MONEY. DO NOT BE HOODWINKED.

We welcome well-meaning men who subscribe to our Philosophies and who meet our laid down standards. The only authentic route to joining this Brotherhood is to go to Any other route leads you to a fake membership. You will never acquire the status of a genuine Buccaneer as your name will not be in our BOOK OF LIFE.

We are not blind to the “secret cult” tags we receive from the ignorant/Authorities public stating that we engage in criminal activities. We vehemently dismiss these tales and tag them as farce and desperate attempts at vaudeville. We are a lawfully registered association under the laws of our country and in all other countries where we are present and carry out all our activities within the confines of the law. We are committed to greater Nigeria. It is also not lost on us that some overzealous hoodlums and street urchins go around posing as members of our association. Some go as far as defrauding unsuspecting members of the society of funds all in the name of joining their faux association. Please, the public should know that we are not present on the streets. On various social media platforms, various impersonators release certain publications or articles in our name, some even organize events in our name. It should be known definitively that such impersonators and criminals are in no way affiliated with our noble organization. Any criminal apprehended by the authorities who claims to be affiliated with us, should be verified by the authorities by contacting us through our details stated with the Companies House (CAC) and our website.

Once again it must be reiterated that our Brotherhood and its members are fully committed to the fight against the societal ills meted out to the citizens of this great nation by the very individuals elected to serve the needs of the country. Buccaneers will always be committed to the fight for peace and unity in our country. All Buccaneers in various arms of the government and in various political parties are encouraged to always be upstanding and model citizens. Let our integrity continue to speak for us. Brothers Across Nigeria/Buccaneers Confraternity will not work with or go into partnership with organizations that do not put the unity and betterment of our country first. Once again, we firmly condemn the current conditions of our great nation and call on the governments to act now and begin to correct the wrongs. Our country is blessed with all it needs to be a great nation, and we must not relent in our demand for better governance.

For enquiries, to verify any claims, and to support and key into our humanitarian projects, please visit our website at or send us a message at

Yemi Ayofe
Grand Eye
Brothers Across Nigeria/Buccaneers Confraternity

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