Brothers Across Nigeria presents N28.6m to five families of deceased members

Brothers Across Nigeria presents N28.6m to five families of deceased members

Original Article by Collins Nnabuife on Nigerian Tribune

Bereaved family members of the Brothers Across Nigeria (BAN), also known as the Buccaneers Confraternity, were recently given millions of Naira as welfare packages by the Confraternity

The Global President of BAN, Engr. Azubuike Onowu told journalists yesterday in Abuja that the gesture was to provide some sort of succor for the immediate families of their members who have passed on.

According to him, over N25 Million Naira was contributed by members, and the funds were evenly distributed to the three deceased members, with the assurances that the body would continue to cater for the welfare of their members. He told newsmen that welfarism was the bedrock of the confraternity, as the motto of the Confraternity is hinged on brothers helping brothers.

Onowu said: “What we are doing is part of our improved welfare policy. This is what we give to our departed brothers’ families. We lost a couple of brothers between September 2022 when I assumed office and now. Thus, we are doing three now, I did one in Benin City, Edo State, and two in Abuja, and the same amount was handed over to the next of kins.

“Normally, when we lose a member, the association tasks every member. We have a stipulated amount we pay. We give a timeline, and at the end of the day, we pay out…

“Like this one, we realized a little above N26 million. We divided it into 3 equal parts. Each family gets the sum of N8,956,000.00 (Eight Million, Nine Hundred and Fifty Six Thousand Naira) only. You may want to ask why the fraction is? The reason is simple, it is because what was realised from the drive is what we are giving to them.

“Some people had said why did we not just top it up to N9 Million, but we said no. The sole purpose of the contribution was welfare, so the entire money realized would be evenly distributed amongst the trio.

“So, in our First Quarterly Conference/Meeting we held in Abuja in March this year, I grouped the first three members that passed, and that is why she (Mrs. Caroline Aghedo) is among them. Aside from the three beneficiaries, there were also others who got One Million Naira each for the upkeep of their children.

“The beneficiaries include Igho Caroline Aghedo (N8,956,000), Meagan Yoma Ighedo.
(N8,956,000), Nkechi Maureen Obi
(N8,956,000), Ogbogho Oveno Darlington
(N1,000,000), Ugwi Rashidat

“We have our next Quarterly Conference/Meeting in August, but that will be in the United Kingdom. I will kick-start the second phase of the disbursement. I believe that by the time I am handing over, which is in September next year, I should have cleared it out.”

He added: “It is not only when people die that we pay out welfare, we also celebrate the living. We have a commission that empowers our brothers.

“For instance, if you have any business you want to execute and you do not have enough funds, you apply to the BAN Empowerment Commission, your application would be considered and they will give you the needed funds. It is interest-free and collateral free. We believe that being a member is enough collateral.

“It spans for one year depending on the amount you requested, If it is less than One Million, it is for one year. Five million is beyond one year.”

“We also have a policy for critical illness. This year alone, we have given out over N12 Million Naira for critical illnesses”.

Beyond our members, BAN as an organization is also known for contributions to society via
our numerous Corporate Social Responsibility outings in Nigeria and internationally and our statements on critical issues concerning the welfare of Nigerians and humanity.

The Buccaneers’ Confraternity had been in existence since 1972 as a campus organization, which has grown over the years into an international organization operating in over 50 countries across the globe.

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