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The Brotherhood was founded at the University of Ibadan, and currently have members and Frigates located throughout Africa, North America, Europe, and Asia, with the International Headquarters in Nigeria.

The Brotherhood was created when the whistle of disintegration which had started to blow within PC reached a crescendo. Three young gentlemen decided that PC had failed in upholding the original ethos and ideology of that organsition.

Thus, these young vibrant men left and formed another organisation, which is known today as Brothers Across Nigeria (BAN) to correct all the antics which had become the bane in their leadership and approach to brotherhood.

These gentlemen – BOLAJI CAREW, KUNLE ADIGUN & TUNDE JAWANDO – chose the name of the new organisation with specific intent. Referring to the book “Fanny”, they knew that Sealords were meant to be society’s roving policemen, who are naturally and morally superior to all seafaring creatures – Hence, the name Sealord.

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4 months ago
BAN Abuja chapter visit Keffi Correction Service facility and paid the Examination fees of 34 inmates to sit for the forthcoming Educational Scheme being organised by National Business and Technical Examination Board (NABTEB). https://t.co/L2CxXhk7Vy BaNworldwide photo
4 months ago
The Abuja Chapter of Brothers Across Nigeria (BAN) marked Nigeria’s 59TH Independence Day with a FAMILY PICNIC. https://t.co/kBklA4PGqq BaNworldwide photo
4 months ago
The Lagos-Anthony chapter of BAN Worldwide organized a cleanliness campaign. The one day awareness event saw members come out to clean the street and clear the surrounding gutters of accumulated waste. https://t.co/XTw509CX99 BaNworldwide photo
6 months ago
With Xenophobic attacks on the rise in South Africa, we hope all law abiding individuals in South Africa remain safe.

#NoToXenophobia https://t.co/9S3EacpS2Z
BaNworldwide photo
6 months ago
Welcome to September, and wishing you all a productive month. Live long, and prosper. #embermonths https://t.co/O5QbwVqNS0 BaNworldwide photo