We stand for love, orderliness, honesty, transparency, togetherness, championing and sharing each other’s problems and positively seeking to solve them, promoting each other’s welfare and well-being, creating a sample society for the world to copy from, promoting objectivity, fairness and social justice generally. These objectives underline our mottos stated below:

BLUD 4 BLUD is based on the philosophy that those who do injustice in any form will, by the natural laws, suffer for it in a way. It is a message to society and mankind that if things are not done in accordance with the principles enunciated in our objectives stated above, there will be repercussions for Society at large.

NO PRICE NO PAY also seeks to inculcate in our brothers and the world at large that if you do good, you will not suffer any retribution. It follows that for every ill you do, there is a price to pay. Again, this seeks to enjoin mankind to avoid divine or societal punishment by being law-abiding, fair and objective whatever your position may be for one day, you will be called to account.

NO FRIEND NO FOE means that in dealing with social and family issues, it is wrong to be selective. Principles and sanctions must be applied in equal measure and with equal force to every person irrespective of sex, sexuality, race, creed, colour, nationality, religion or political belief. It simply means that there should be no Sacred Cows.

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2 weeks ago
Words aren’t enough to express how much we miss you, 6 years on & it seems just like yesterday.
It hurts, but we take solace in the fact that someday soon, we shall sail together again.

Sail on Dr. Bolaji Carew….Progenitor of the adventure.
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3 weeks ago
The super-contagious Delta variant has now spread to 92 countries worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).
Not only is the virus more contagious, but in some countries, it has also been linked to more severe disease.
Be safe, Stay safe.
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3 weeks ago
For us, giving back is not an extracurricular activity. - Denise Morrison.

Members of our Osun State Chapter paid a visit to the Ilesha Medium Security Correctional Facility. Join us to help spread love & put smiles on people’s faces.
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1 month ago
Your father carried you in his arms when you were little and held your hand while you were growing up.

He taught you so much and now as a dad you gonna do same for your kids.
2 months ago
5./ Statistics has shown that Twitter has 186 million daily active users and a revenue generation of $3.7 billion as as 2020, what this portrays is that there are inherent countless opportunities in using this app.

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